Sic Bo Variations and Strategies.

Sic -Bo is a very simple casino game that originated in China hundreds of years ago. It is a dice game where players bet the outcome-of rolling three dice. It easily spread in all the world through immigrants and has developed many variations.

Sic Bo Variations


Is a simplified, American version of Sic Bo and is mostly found in carnivals. It is often played for charities and prizes and not for gambling. Only one type of bet is possible in this version: a bet on one single number occurring. It pays 1-to-1 if the number occurs once, 2-to-1 if the number occurs twice and 10-to-1 if the number
occurs three times.


The game is played with three dice and has very bad odds. Five common bets are available: single number, triples, high, low and
field. The single number bet pays 1-to-1 for each occurrence, triples means that all dices show the same value and it pays 30-to-1. Lo wins a total of 10 or less and loses on triples, pays 1-to-1 and high wins a total of over 10, loses on triples and pays 1-to-1.

Grand Hazard

It is a British game with a simplified table layout. There are various triple combinations that are shown in a column placed at the center. They are flanked by the low and high betting zones. Grand Hazard is different as the House keeps the stake bet by the player.

Dai Siu

It is a Sic Bo variant popular in Macau. The odds are much tighter thanin the other versions of the game. A winning wager on a selected triple only pays 150-to-1 while in other versions it pays 180-to-1.

Sic Bo Strategies

In online gaming, there are a few things that will define your  strategy. You need to figure out how much you are willing to lose and base your strategy on that.

High risk

If you want to increase the chances of winning you can play
multiple bets at a time. This comes at a high risk and you need to have a good strategy. For example, place the bets only on the large numbered block at the center of the table for the highest wins. A bet
on 8 can include a double 1, 2, or 3.

Medium risk

Medium risk combines the potential of high wins with the caution of low-risk playing. This strategy combines various bets to ensure
a broader coverage and is based on combinations that have four various chances of winning each time. This will mean you lose four times what you bet when you lose but also that you win four times
what you bet if you win.

Low risk

It is the best way to go for beginners. This is the safest way the game can be played to minimize loss but you should also keep in mind it minimizes the potential win also.

The strategy depends mainly on your goal and on how much you’re willing to lose. If you want to test the various strategies if Sic Bo it’s better to play for free a few times and see what works before you lose your money.

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